Update: (this may become a regular blog.)

Ok, we got our email working again.

Some of the comments we get are funny:

"This is the stupidest site in the world. Looks like somehting from 1998 with that stupid comic sans font on a black backgroud"

Yes, thats because it is from 1998. And we like our retro look. And we're having fun. And we don't care what you think. And you have that stupid bitch of a wife that you want to kill. So the joke is on you buddy!!!

But what we think is most amusing are the searches that bring people here:

"How to kill your wife and get away with it"
"How to kill your girlfriend and not get caught"
"How to kill my girlfriend and get away with it"
"How to murder your wife and get away with it"

Ok, we want to help.

Step 1) Remove the hard drive from the computer you are using now and run it through a wood chiper.
Step 2) Find a hammer - preferably one of those rubber headded mallet thingys.
Step 3) Beat yourself over the head with the hammer for even thinking about using the internet to find a way to kill your wife / ex-wife / girlfriend / fiance. Especially if you want to get away with it.

(we should point out that once upon a time the Druge Report indicated that a certain congressman who was suspected of killing a certain intern had a link to our site in his browser cache. It certainly didn't help his case. )

Oh, and then there is this great email that we got:

"I just typed your webiste URL in and found it. Can’t believe anybody would want to harm their spouse."

Its running 100 to 1 aginst you, bro. By the way, what made you just happen to type in that URL, huh?

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